Triple Mast Electric Stacker

Battery Voltage/Rated Capacity V/Ah 24/240
Battery Weight Kg 230
Turning Mode Electric Power System
Noise Level at Operator’s dB(A) 70
Model QDA
Driving Model: Electric (Storage battery), diesel, gasoline, fuel gas Electric
Operating Standing Driving
Rated Capacity Q(kg) 1500/2000
Load Centre Distance c(mm) 600
Wheelbase Y(mm) 1355
Service weight(with battery) kg 1185/1350/1360
Wheels polyurethane
Wheel dimension, front Φ248×75
Wheel dimension, rear Φ80×70
Additional Wheel Φ115×50
Wheel number, front/rear (x = driving wheel) 1x+2/4
Thread, front b10(mm) 632
Thread, rear b11(mm) 500
Retracted height h1(mm) 2000/2170/2340
Max. Lift Height h3(mm) 4500/5000/5500
Extended Mast Height h4(mm) 5080/5580/5750
Height, Fork Lowered h13(mm) 85
Overall Length l1(mm) 2000/2050
Overall Width b1(mm) 850
Fork Dimension S/e/l(mm) 55/185/1150
Fork Width b5(mm) 685
Ground Clearance m2(mm) 25
Aisle Width, with pallet 1000×1200 crosswise Est(mm) 2420
Aisle Width, with pallet 800×1200 lengthwise Est(mm) 2360
Turning Radius Wa(mm) 1580
Travelling Speed, full load/no-load Km/h 3/3.5